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Rules can be modified at anytime by a majority vote.
Basic Rules:

Whiffle Ball League General Rules:


   I: Players Rules

            A: Have Fun!

            B: Use good sportsmanship

            C:  You are responsible for yourself, injuries, conduct.

            D: Entry fee of $10 and 4 sleeves of balls


   II: Equipment

            A: Long, skinny, yellow bats.

            B: Holy balls, not the six holed ones.

            C: Gloves are NOT allowed

            D: Cleats are optional


III: General Rules **note rules may be modified as needed**

            A: Must alternate pitchers, like a real life rotation

                        1. If a pitcher starts 2 games in a row, automatic forfeit.

             B: Stats will be kept

1.      Offensive stats (HR’s, and SO)

2.      Pitching stats (K’s, Wins Losses, Saves)


C: CAN throw ball at runner to get him out.

D: Force at home, example Player A reaches base, he must score on next at bat, IF it is a ground ball.  A fly out, or strikeout, the batter and runner switch


E: No ghostrunners!

F: Cannot walk, must hit or strikeout.

G: Throw as fast as you want, just throw strikes!

H: The other teams waiting to play will help, one keeping stats the other catching to keep games moving at a fast pace.


I: Games will be 4 innings long, if the teams are tied we will play extra innings like baseball, 6 inning maximum.  Games will be called a tie (may be altered later), may finish tied game after all games for the evening are played.

1.         2 outs per team per half inning.


J: Cannot save the game you started.

K. All runs scored upon a pitcher will be counted as earned runs, no exceptions.

L:   If there is a runner on first or second ONLY and if the batter is hit you can have the option of either


           1. zero out the count to 0-0.

           2.- have the option of keeping the count as is and allowing the runner to advance to the next base.  Would be a option that would be up to the offensive team.   Could not advance the runner if he/she is on third to allow him to score though, only if the runner is on first or second.


N: 12 run mercy rule at the end of any inning.

O: Staring pitchers must complete 2 full innings to qualify for the win.

P: Runners must slide or give themselves up.  There is no exception to this rule,  runners who plow over a fielder, can be suspended from play!


(Rule P is under tweaking for exact penalties)

Q: The wire running from the roof overthe fence in left center field IS PLAYABLE,

          1: If it hits the wire and goes out is a HR,

           2: Iif it comes back into play, its what you can get. 

IF you catch it off the wire refer to rule 2 batter is NOT out.


R: When in doubt traditional MLB rules will apply.



            1) Head to Head

            2) Run Differential

            3) One game playoff



V: Playoffs


            A: With four teams:


Team 3 vs Team 2, best of three series. 

Team 4 vs Team 1 best of three series.



             A: Withe 5 teams, top four advance to playoffs. everything will stay the same.


Winners of Divisional play  to meet in the best of 5 World Series.

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