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All of the firsts and what-nots of the league will be here!

Longest winning streak:  Heart Throbs 18 (broken by Warehouse Warriors) 2006 A/B
Longest losing streak: Grease Monkeys 14 (2007A-B)
Longest losing streak in a World Series: Empty Pitchers 7 (all to Heart Throbs)2006 A/B 2007A
Longest winning streak in World Series: Heart Throbs 7 (all against Empty Pitchers)
Most Runs in a season: 82 Heart Throbs (10 games) (2007A)
Least runs scored season: 9 Grease Monkeys (2007B)
Least runs given up season: 17 Camel Toes (2007B)
Most World Championships: Heart Throbs 4 (2006A, 2006B, 2008A, 2009A)
Most World Series Appearances:  Heart Throbs (2006 A/B 2007A, 2008A/B, 2009A)
Most Divison Titles: 4 Heart Throbs, 2006A/B, 2007A, 2008A
Consecutive World Series Appearances- 4 Empty Pitchers (2006 A/B 2007A*/B) Camel Toes 4 (2007B*, 2008A/B*, 2009A)  *denotes World Championship
Most K's Season: 23 Lefty (2007B)
Most HR's Season: 12* Troy (2008B)
Most K's one game (6 innings): Rooster 9 (2007A)
Most Ks regulation game (4 innings): 8 Rooster (2008A)
Most Wins season TEAM: Heart Throbs 12 (2008A)
Most Losses Season TEAM: 11 Grease Monkeys (2007B) Shockers (2008A)
UNDEAFEATED Regular season 1 Heart Throbs 12-0 (2008A)
Most Wins Pitcher Season: 6  (Rooster, Frenchie) (2008A) Troy 2009A
Most K's Season: 30 Troy  (2008A)
Most Losses Season: 7 Wes 0-7 (2008A)
Most Desicions Season: 8 Wes 1-7 (2008A)
Most MVP's: 2 Rooster (2007A/B), Frenchie (2006A, 2008A) Troy (2008B, 2009A)
Most Outstanding Pitchers: 4 Rooster (2006A, 2007A/B) (2008A)
Most HR's Game: Troy 7 (2008B)
Earliest HR Season: 1st pitch Cucumber off Troy (2007B)
Most Runs scored game: Empty Pitchers 16 (Grease Monkeys 16-1) (2007A)

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