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All teams must have at least 2 players signed, and a maximum of 5.  If they need to increase their roster total, they may place 1player on injured reserve.  Or they must release a player.

Camel Toes:
*Troy Lang
Brandon Fredickson
Benny Perdue

Heart Throbs:
*Wade Williamson
Jeff Jenson:
Empty Pitchers:
*Chad Beggs
Kyle Brossart
Jesse Officer
Mark Olonoia
Brian Tvedt



*Jesse Jordan
Joe Snowden
Aaron Anderson
Brandon Jordan
Mark Anderson
Grease Monkeys:
Kendra Jenson
Evan Nelson
Dani Hoff
Isaac Sondrol

Contracts are automatically renewed at the beginning of each season.  Only the Team captain can release or sign players.  Commisioner approval is needed.

Waiver Wire:  When a free agent shows up, this is the claiming order.  Once you have claimed a player you drop to 5th position, and everyone else moves up.  
1. Heart Throbs
2. Camel Toes 
3. Grease Monkeys
4. Empty Pitchers
5. BeoWulf

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